Toor Dal Prices on the Boil

2023 • 10min • News • Business


Published On: July 17, 2023 - After tomato, its dal prices burning a hole in people’s pockets. Prices of tur dal- also known as Arhar dal - a staple for many- have shot through the roof. As of July 16, the price of tur dal has increased by more than 32%, according to Department of Consumer Affairs data. Tur prices have risen every day in the past week, from Rs 127.37 per kg a month ago to Rs 136.29 per kg on July 16, increasing by a sharp 7% in June. It was at Rs 103.03 per kg a year ago today. Prices of urad and moong, too have risen by 10% and 8.8% respectively, on year. Infact, the overall cost of a Thali or a plate has risen by almost Rs 25!