Arming Bharat: India's Defence Revolution & the Strategic Role of France

2024 • 33min • Defence

Informative • Feel-good

India, once a major arms importer, is now making significant strides towards becoming a leading arms exporter. Join News9 Plus Editor Sandeep Unnithan, defence analyst Major Gaurav Arya, Air Marshal Anil Chopra, and Mr. Ashok Atluri, CEO Zen Technologies, as they delve into the transformation with a special focus on France as a strategic partner. In this insightful discussion, learn how India, with ambitious goals of a $26-billion defence industry and $5-billion defence exports by 2025, is reshaping its defence landscape. Know the impact of new acquisition rules, increased private participation, and higher FDI in the defence sector. Focused sub-segment, 'France as a Strategic Partner,' delves into the gaps in India's defence capabilities and the historical reliance on France for defence imports. Air Marshal Anil Chopra shares insights on why France is a more reliable defence partner for India and the lessons India can learn from the French military-industrial complex. Don't miss the comprehensive exploration of 'Arming Bharat,' India's defence evolution and strategic partnerships shaping the nation's security future.