Baltimore Bridge Collapse: The Heroic Actions of Indian Crew Averting Disaster

2024 • 38min • News • International


Published On: March 29, 2024 - In this episode of News9 Plus, we delve into a dramatic maritime incident that could have led to a catastrophic disaster in Baltimore. An out-of-control container ship on a collision course with a road bridge, endangering the lives of thousands of commuters. However, thanks to the quick thinking and alertness of the 22 Indian crew members onboard, a potential catastrophe was averted. Join Editor Sandeep Unnithan and Aditya Raj Kaul as they discuss this extraordinary act with Marine Consultant Captain Navin Singhal and Defence Expert Manik M. Jolly. Learn about the decisive actions that prevented dozens of vehicles from plunging into the Patapsco River and the lessons we can draw from this remarkable incident.