Biden vs Trump: Who is Better for India?

2024 • 42min • International


Published On: June 27, 2024 - The race to be US President is set to get an explosive start. Joe Biden and Donald Trump will face each other off in their first presidential debate on June 27. Now US Presidential elections are always closely watched around the world. That’s because US policies and actions impact the globe. And so we are asking who between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be good for India? And what are the 5 main points on which each of these Presidential candidates will have an impact and how? Discussing these issues are News9 Plus Editor Sandeep Unnithan, along with colleague Deepak Bhadana, Dr Rajan Kumar, Professor, School of International Studies (JNU) and Pathikrit Payne, a foreign policy expert. Don’t forget to watch this discussion and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe for more such topical analysis.