BJP Confident in Uttar Pradesh

2024 • 40min • News • Politics


Published On: May 28, 2024 – Welcome to 'The Final Countdown,' a special series leading up to the exit polls and final verdict of the 2024 General Elections. In this episode, News9 delves into the key battleground of Uttar Pradesh, a state that often determines who will rule from Raisina Hill. Uttar Pradesh, with its massive population, sends the highest number of MPs (80) to the Lok Sabha. The state has been a stronghold for the BJP, which secured 71 seats in 2014 and 62 in 2019. As the 2024 elections approach, the INDI Alliance faces the formidable challenge of making inroads in this crucial state. Join Editor News9 Plus Sandeep Unnithan and colleague Brijesh Pandey with Senior Journalist Ajit Kumar Jha as they discuss whether the INDI Alliance can make a significant impact on BJP’s vote bank in UP. Don't miss this in-depth analysis of one of the most important states in the upcoming elections. Subscribe to News9 for more exclusive coverage and updates on the 2024 General Elections.