BJP vs TMC: 2024 Battle Royale in Bengal

2024 • 42min • News • Politics


Published On: May 29, 2024 – In this special episode, join Senior Journalist Ajit Kumar Jha as he sits down with Editor News9 Plus Sandeep Unnithan and colleague Brijesh Pandey to delve into the high-stakes 2024 elections in West Bengal. With Narendra Modi and Mamata Banerjee leading the charge, West Bengal is set to be the final frontier for BJP and a crucial battleground for TMC. The state, which sends the third-largest batch of MPs to the Lok Sabha, holds significant weight in BJP's quest to cross the 370 mark. Explore the ideological challenges, the impact of the Citizenship Amendment Act, and the political fervour among voters. Is it advantage BJP in Didi's Bengal? Tune in to find out!'