BJP's Mission 370+: Rajya Sabha Majority

2024 • 43min • News • National


Published On: March 02, 2024 - In this exclusive discussion, join Sandeep Unnithan and colleague Kartikeya Sharma as they delve into the intricacies of BJP's ambitious Mission 370+. With Prime Minister Modi setting a target of 370 seats, the BJP-led NDA is eyeing more than a simple majority in the Lok Sabha. Explore the political landscape as BJP spokesperson Mr. Tom Vadakkan sheds light on the party's strategy and vision for the future. Discover the significance of the NDA's dominance in the Rajya Sabha, with the BJP holding a historic 96 seats – the highest since 2014. How will this newfound strength impact the political dynamics? The discussion also unveils the recent Rajya Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh, uncovering the fractures within the Opposition ranks. What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for the BJP, and what can we expect in the evolving political scenario? Stay informed and engage in a thoughtful analysis of the BJP's Mission 370+ with expert insights and insider perspectives. Don't miss this comprehensive overview of the current political scenario in India.