Decoding PM Modi's Allegation, 'Congress wants to give SC-ST quota to Muslims'

2024 • 5min • News • National


Published On: April 24, 2024 – PM Modi accused the Congress of wanting to give SC-ST quota to Muslims, and cited how the Congress tried to implement the Muslim quota in Andhra Pradesh in 2004. On Point delves deep into the Muslim quota push of Congress. In Andhra Pradesh, the Congress govt with full blessings of the UPA Govt at the centre tried to implement reservation for Muslims but the SC stayed the quota implementation in 2010. The UPA Govt also proposed a sub-quota for Muslims and other minorities within the OBC quota, but it was struck down by the HC in 2012, and the SC upheld the HC decision. Muslim quota in Karnataka was also removed by the BJP Govt in 2023.