Decoding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Election Speeches

2024 • 18min • News • National


Published On: May 21, 2024 - An analysis of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 111 speeches delivered from March 17 to May 15, reveals key themes and shifts in the Modi government's narrative as it seeks a third term. Initially, PM Modi's speeches focused on criticizing the Congress and the Gandhi family's dominance while emphasizing development (Vikas), global leadership (Vishwa guru), and a vision for a prosperous India by 2047 (Viksit Bharat). However, after the release of the Congress manifesto on April 5, Modi's rhetoric shifted to highlight Hindu-Muslim issues and concerns about wealth redistribution and religion-based reservations potentially disadvantaging SC/STs and OBCs. On point decodes the shift in PM Modi's election speeches