Decoding The Escalating Violence & Prospects For Peace

2023 • 14min • News • Politics


Published On: June 05, 2023 - Despite the recent visit of the Home Minister and appeals for peace, Manipur continues to face escalating violence. In the second wave, 3,000 weapons were looted, and on June 4, miscreants set fire to two villages, including the residence of MLA Ranjit in the Sugnu area. To address the situation, the Ministry of Home Affairs has formed a three-member judicial inquiry panel led by former Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court Ajai Lamba. However, the persistence of violence raises questions about the effectiveness of security force deployment in restoring peace. A comprehensive analysis of the root causes is essential to finding sustainable solutions for lasting peace in Manipur. News9's Kartikeya Sharma discusses the matter with former Lok Sabha MP from Manipur Kim Gangte, Northeast region scholar Rami Niranjan Desai and social activist Hejang Misao.