Colonel Prasad Bansod: Designing India's First Indigenous Machine Pistol

2024 • 31min • News • Defence


Published On: May 10, 2024 - Join us on The News9 Plus Show for an exclusive interview with Colonel Prasad Bansod, also known as India's 'Colonel Kalashnikov.' Colonel Bansod is the brain behind the design and development of India's first 9 mm machine pistol, ASMI. Discover the story of innovation and dedication, and delve into how Colonel Bansod's creation, ASMI, is revolutionising India's defense capabilities with its salient features, including its 9×19mm Parabellum chambering and the ability to fire 3,000 rounds continuously without jamming. Don't miss this inspiring conversation with a true hero of India's armed forces, only on The News9 Plus Show.