DGCA Data: 33 Pilots, 97 Cabin Crew Members Found Drunk on Duty in 2023

2023 • 23min • News • Business


Published On: September 18, 2023 - Civil aviation regulator DGCA revealed a concerning increase in the number of pilots and cabin crew found intoxicated while on duty. 33 pilots and 97 cabin crew members were identified as being under the influence of alcohol, marking a notable rise compared to the figures from 2022, which stood at 14 pilots and 54 cabin crew failing their mandatory alcohol tests. This has led to heightened concerns within the aviation industry, especially as air travels in India have surged close to the levels observed before the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch News9’s Shweta Kothari and Krishnakumar as they talk about their perspective with Captain Amit Singh, Founder, Safety Matters Foundation (NGO) and Mark Martin, CEO of Martin Consulting & Contracting.