PM Modi Targets Congress Over "Freebies". Is It Freebies vs Welfarism?

2023 • 17min • News • Politics


Published On: June 01, 2023 - The BJP terms schemes announced by its political opponents "revdi politics". But in the state of Uttar Pradesh, it is considered as welfarism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticises the Congress, saying its freebie politics in Rajasthan will lead to bankruptcy. Are freebies becoming the favoured electoral strategy for all political parties? Does the BJP label its own schemes as welfarism while branding others' initiatives as freebie politics? Join News9's Neha Khanna in a discussion with political analysts Gautam Mukherjee, Manasvi Thapar, and senior journalist Shikha Mukherjee as they analyse the raging debate on freebies and its political and economic implications.