How to Stop Another Hathras?

2024 • 34min • National


Published On: July 05, 2024 - India has a long history of deadly stampedes at religious gatherings over the years. Hathras is just another incident that highlights the apathy of public towards its own safety during religious congregations. There have been many similar incidents in the past but no lessons have been learnt. Why does India have a disastrous track record of stampede and crowd management? What can be done to prevent this? Discussing these critical questions are News9 Plus Editor Sandeep Unnithan, along with Vikram Singh- Former DGP, Uttar Pradesh, Maj Gen VK Datta- Senior Specialist, Disaster Management & Counter Terrorism, NDMA, and AK Jain- Former DGP, Uttar Pradesh. Don’t forget to watch this discussion and like, share and subscribe for more such content.