IKEA's Rs 3000 Fine for Carry Bag Charges: What You Should Know

2023 • 4min • News • Business


Published On: October 25, 2023 - A Bengaluru court has ordered IKEA to pay a fine of Rs 3000 to a consumer who filed a lawsuit against the company for charging her for a logo-imprinted carry bag. In addition, the court also directed IKEA to refund the cost of the paper bag to the consumer. Swedish furniture retailer IKEA, charged the woman Rs 20 for a paper bag after she purchased a few items from the store. The woman, Sangeetha Bohra, filed the case in the consumer court on October 6. In January 23, in a similar case, grocery store 24 Seven was slapped with a Rs 26,000 fine in Chandigarh. In November 2022, a consumer court in Odisha asked a shopping mall to pay Rs 25,000. Join News9's Shweta Kothari, along with Suyash Maheswari and Udisha Srivastav, for more on this.