India's Infrastructure Revolution: India's Quantum Leap

2024 • 37min • News • National


Published On: February 21, 2024 - Welcome to the News9 Global Summit Show! Join us in this episode as we explore India's remarkable infrastructural achievements. On February 20th, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Chenab River bridge, the world’s highest railway bridge, surpassing the Eiffel Tower in height. Just a month earlier, on January 12th, he unveiled the Atal Setu, a 22-kilometre-long bridge transforming Mumbai's harbor. Over the past decade, India has witnessed explosive growth in infrastructure development, with resilient structures like bridges, roads, and airports driving economic prosperity. The government is set to invest a whopping 96 lakh crore or over 1 trillion US dollars in infrastructure by the end of the decade, aiming to fuel job creation and economic expansion. Join News9 Mediaverse Editor Rakesh Khar, News9 Plus Editor Sandeep Unnithan, along with colleagues Kartik Malhotra and Krishnakumar, as they delve into an exciting discussion about India's quantum leap ambition and the prospects of its burgeoning infrastructure. Don't miss this insightful conversation that sheds light on India's journey to becoming the third-largest construction market globally by next year!