India's Water Crisis; Bengaluru's Struggle and Beyond

2024 • 24min • News • National


Published On: March 23, 2024 - Join us on The News9 Plus Show as we delve into the unprecedented water crisis gripping Bengaluru and shed light on other cities facing similar challenges. Is it over-reliance on over-exploited groundwater, limited access to pipelines, neglected lake maintenance, or underutilization of water treatment facilities that contribute to this crisis? Water scarcity is a critical issue affecting numerous Indian cities, and projections suggest it will worsen in the coming years. As India's main reservoirs hit their lowest levels in five years, there's a looming squeeze on drinking water and power availability this summer. On World Water Day, we discuss the way forward. Our panel features News9 Plus Editor Sandeep Unnithan, social activist Sandeep Anirudhan from Bengaluru, Dr. Sudhir Krishna former Secretary of Urban Development in the Government of India and Environment Consultant Diwan Singh. Tune in for insights and solutions to address this pressing issue.