India's Economic Rise: The World's Bet for Future Growth

2024 • 31min • News • National


Published On: February 21, 2024 - Join The News9 Plus Show in exploring the incredible economic transformation of India and why the world is placing its bets on this rising powerhouse. The News9 Plus Exclusive show delves into the factors driving India's economic surge, its potential to surpass major economies like Japan and Germany, and the challenges it faces on the path to becoming a global economic giant. Discover why foreign direct investment (FDI) is shifting away from China and how India is emerging as a favourable destination for global investors, exploring the positive signals, such as India's impressive GDP growth, underutilized labour force, high savings rate, and the potential for significant catch-up growth. The discussion also uncovers the challenges India faces, including the declining share of manufacturing in GDP, the need for job creation, and the importance of enhancing skill-based education. Also discussed is the crucial role of a robust rural economy in driving overall economic growth and how it contributes to India's GDP expansion. Join Mr. Rakesh Khar, Sridhar Ramakrishnan, and Shweta Kothari in a captivating discussion moderated by Editor Sandeep Unnithan, as they share insights and perspectives on India's journey towards the next big leap. Don't miss this riveting session before the upcoming What India Thinks Today Global Summit! Stay tuned for more updates and engaging discussions as we countdown to this two-day global summit.