Israel on Rampage

2024 • 46min • News • International


Published On: April 20, 2024 -At 5 am Iran time Israel's drones struck at Iran Air Force base in Isfahan. Isfahan also has Iran’s Natanz nuclear research facility. These strikes are in defiance of US President Joe Biden’s warning that more attacks could plunge the Middle East not further crises. On last Saturday Iran had shot they 300 missiles at Israel. Iran had said this was in retaliation of the 1stof April attack on Iran’s embassy compound in Damascus in which two Iranian generals in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps were also killed. Now Iran has downplayed the damage to its military facilities and outright denied any nuclear plants were destroyed. However will this escalate the conflict? How will these rounds direct of strikes and counter strikes end? Join us as we decode this with News9 Plus Editor Sandeep Unnithan, along with his colleague Aditya Raj Kaul and LT. GEN. (RETD.) RAMESHWAR YADAV.