Hamas Terror attack and now ISRAEL'S Intelligence Agencies Next Move: News9 Plus Deciphers

2023 • 3min • News • International


Over the last few decades terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas have pioneered the use of military-style rockets to attack Israeli civilians. Hamas' mainstay is the Qassam. It is a simple steel tube rocket with a 9 kg warhead, around 6 feet tall, and has variants going up to 8 feet with a 10 kg warhead. Hamas has sophisticated rockets like the Grad and M-75 and M-302 with ranges of 48 and 160 km. These bigger rockets are of course complicated to build and fewer in number. Iran is believed to have helped Hamas build its own rockets locally. Rockets are unguided projectiles. They are cheap, easy to build and fired en masse, they can deliver both physical and psychological effects.