Modi-Putin Bonding: The East West Balancing Act

2024 • 45min • International


Published On: July 02, 2024 - The world is divided right down the middle today. On the one side there is the United States and the West. On the other- China and Russia. In the middle is India. The biggest of what are called the swing states. Whichever side it chooses will make a difference. But India’s policy has been to stay away from power blocks. India has its own interests to pursue with both the US and Russia. Its policy is multilateralism. And the biggest example of this policy of multilateralism - On July 8th Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Russia for the first time in five years. Now the US has 'some concerns' over India's engagement with Russia in military and technology domains but at the same time Washington has confidence and trust in New Delhi to advance partnership in key areas said the US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell. Along with other issues the two will also sing the Reciprocal Exchange of Logistics Agreement (RELOS) agreement, that will pave the way for more defence exchanges. Now India is also buying defence technology from the USA. Despite growing strategic and security ties with the US and other key Western players, India has refrained from publicly criticising Russia's invasion of Ukraine. To discuss this we have News9 Plus Editor Sandeep Unnithan, along with Ambassador Sajjanhar and Fred Weir Special Correspondent based in Moscow and in the studio is Justin Thomas.