Modi’s Temple Trump Card

2024 • 36min • News • National • Politics


Published On: January 24, 2024 - 'The News9 Plus Show, delves into the political landscape as BJP gains momentum with their Temple Trump card, strategically labelling the opposition as 'Anti-Ram.' PM Modi has weaved the Ram Mandir narrative into his campaign tapestry, highlighting his role in this historic moment. The confusion within the opposition and their boycott of the Ram temple event shows lack of clear strategy. As the general elections approach, it seems like Hindutva will play a pivotal role, catching the opposition off guard. Join senior journalist Gautam Mukherjee, political strategist & commentator Amitabh Tiwari, and senior journalist Sunita Aron along with Sandeep Unnithan, Editor News9 Plus and Kartikeya Sharma, as they discuss the potential ramifications of the opposition's stand. Has the BJP checkmated the opposition ahead of the 2024 elections? Don't miss the analysis and insights from our expert panel on this crucial political development.