NEET Paper Leak 2024: NEET Re-Test Demand, Bihar NEET Paper Leak

2024 • 27min • News • Business


Published On: June 17, 2024 - The Bihar Police's Economic Offences Unit has asked for a copy of the original NEET question paper from the NTA to compare it with the alleged leaked paper. However, despite the request by the investigation agency, NTA has not yet responded with the original paper. From Gujarat’s Godhra, the police have arrested five people on account of cheating allegations. What are the latest developments? Has there been a paper leak for certain? Is there a possibility of a re-test? For all these questions, join News9’s Krishnakumar with Adv. Bhavin Vyas, Vidyarthi Vidya Suraksha Samiti, President, Gujarat; Kapil Gupta, Founder, Neetprep.com; Adv. Anubha Shrivastava Sahai, Educationalist & President, India Wide Parent Association; and Pramod Yadav, Bihar Abhibhavak Mahasangh, Parents Association.