Pakistan Election Drama

2024 • 39min • News • International


Published On: February 13, 2024 - The recent Pakistani elections on February 8th have left the nation in political uncertainty. Despite claims of election rigging, Imran Khan's PTI-backed independents secured 101 seats out of 263, falling short of a majority. The historic saying 'Jung Kaddi Jitti Nai, Election Kaddi Hareya Nai' is being questioned as it appears the Pakistan Army may have lost its first election. Is this the first-ever electoral loss for the powerful Pakistan Army? Join political analyst Imtiaz Gul from Islamabad, former Director General of Sikkim Police Avinash Mohananey, and geopolitical analyst Shalini Chawla as they analyse the election results on 'The News9 Plus Show.' Editor News9 Plus Sandeep Unnithan and colleague Aditya Raj Kaul lead the discussion on what this impasse means for Pakistan's political landscape and the challenges ahead. Don't miss this in-depth analysis of the latest political developments in Pakistan.