PM Modi in Assam

2024 • 37min • News • National


Published On: March 08, 2024 – Join 'The News9 Plus Show' as Sandeep Unnithan Editor News9 Plus & Kartikeya Sharma delve into the remarkable makeover of India's Northeast under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership. With projects worth Rs 18,000 crore set to be inaugurated in Assam, explore the unprecedented focus on infrastructure development and conflict resolution in the region over the last decade. The peace agreements signed by the Indian government with insurgent groups in northeastern states has led to a substantial decline of 73% in violent incidents between 2014-2023, compared to the previous decade. Guest panel, featuring Manash Deka of the BJP, Rami Niranjan Desai - Author & Scholar, and Col. Anurag Awasthi (R), provides insightful perspectives on the monumental shift in the Northeast's landscape. Don't miss out on the discussion about the strategic efforts to establish peace in a significant part of the region and the positive outcomes achieved since 2014. Subscribe News9 Plus to stay informed about the transformative changes taking place in Modi's Northeast!