PM Modi: Opposition Also Benefited from Electoral Bonds & Centre is Not Misusing Probe Agencies

2024 • 30min • News • National


Published On: April 15, 2024 – PM Modi in an interview with ANI spoke at length about numerous issues, including the Ram Mandir, Sanatan Dharma, and One Nation One Election. However, two of the most important issues he addressed were the electoral bonds controversy and the opposition's allegations that the centre is misusing central agencies. PM Modi said that it is because of the BJP that the money trail could be made public in electoral bonds and also pointed out how the opposition too benefited from the Electoral bonds. On the allegation of misuse of central agencies by the centre, the PM clarified that he is against corruption and will keep fighting it and agencies are just doing their work and are not being used by the BJP to target the Opposition. On Point decodes PM Modi's statements on the above issues.