Punjab's Agricultural Paradox & The Farmers Protest Dilemma

2024 • 37min • News • National


Published On: February 16, 2024 - Join The News9 Plus Show in a deep dive into the heart of Punjab's agricultural conundrum as thousands of farmers take to the roads near Delhi demanding crucial reforms. In this exclusive discussion, Agri Economist Devinder Sharma sheds light on the multifaceted issues faced by Punjab's farmers. Agri Economist Devinder Sharma in an insightful conversation with Editor News9 Plus Sandeep Unnithan & colleague Kartikeya Sharma, delve into the complexities surrounding Punjab's agriculture. The farmers' protest at the outskirts of Delhi has sparked a crucial debate on whether this is a farmer problem or specifically a Punjab farmer problem. Despite heavy subsidies on agriculture in Punjab, including MSP, fertilizers, free water, and power, the state faces a daunting challenge of rural indebtedness. Shockingly, 88% of the more than 9,000 farmers who took their lives between 2000-2018 were deep in debt. The News9 Plus Show, explores the legal intricacies of the minimum support price (MSP) and its enforceability by the government. The conversation also delves into the alarming statistics of Punjab's fertilizer consumption, which is significantly higher than the national average. With 223.46 kg per hectare in Punjab compared to the national average of 90 kg, what impact does this have on the agricultural landscape? Furthermore, the discussion addresses Punjab's escalating public debt, projected to be over Rs 3.4 lakh crore, nearly 50% of the gross state domestic product (GSDP) in the last budget. This fiscal parameter raises questions about the sustainability of Punjab's current agricultural model. Don't miss this thought-provoking discussion that goes beyond the headlines, offering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by Punjab's farmer community and potential solutions to secure their future. Download the News9 Plus App now for in-depth insights into the heart of India's agrarian dilemma.