Quota Row Continues to Remain at the Heart of BJP-Congress Fight

2024 • 34min • News • National


Published On: April 26, 2024 – The reservation row dominates the electoral discourse. Home Minister Amit Shah accused the Congress of wanting to impose the Sharia. PM Modi and JP Nadda also targeted Congress over appeasement and alleged that Congress plans to give SC, ST, and OBC rights to Muslims. Congress responded to the charges by dismissing them and in return accusing them of wanting to scrap the reservations if they get re-elected by altering the constitution. On point does a deep dive into the reservation row, and examines whether SC-ST politics is exclusive to Hindutva politics. Congress' Muslim quota push is also put under the scanner, and the idea of 'Jitni Abaadi, Utna Haq' is also dissected.