Rahul Gandhi says that BJP won't Cross 150 Mark in Lok Sabha Polls

2024 • 15min • News • National


Published On: April 17, 2024 -On the last day of canvassing for the 1st phase of the Lok Sabha polls, Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav shared the stage to showcase their unity. Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress is improving in every state, and the BJP will be restricted to only 150 seats. Rahul Gandhi also added that this is an election of ideology, where the opposition is fighting to safeguard the democracy and constitution of the country. Akhilesh Yadav added that PDA will prevail over NDA and I.N.D.I.A Bloc is poised to do very well in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. On Point decodes the claim made by Rahul Gandhi.