Rahul Lashes Out at PM Modi On Manipur; Minister Anurag Thakur Retorts

2023 • 32min • News • Politics


Published On: August 11, 2023 - Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Prime Minister Modi saying how could he laugh when he was speaking about Manipur. He also counters the charge that he was irresponsible during his visit to the state. He says the state has become totally divided and the idea of India has been murdered in Manipur. Responding to Rahul’s criticisms, Union Minister Anurag Thakur hits back at the leader and Congress party. Retorting to Rahul’s comment on 'Bharat Mata being killed' during Parliament's No Confidence Motion, Anurag Thakur said that only those aligned with the 'Tukde-Tukde' ideology would consider dividing 'Bharat Mata'.