Security Scare at Lok Sabha on Parliament Attack Anniversary

2023 • 17min • News • National


Published On: December 13, 2023 - Join us on NEWS9 Plus show as we delve into the major security breach at the Lok Sabha on the anniversary of the Parliament attack. Shockingly, visitors jumped from the visitors gallery, burst canisters, and created chaos on December 13, 2023. Reflecting on the historical attack in 2001, where the terrorists were thwarted, we now witness a breach two decades later. Two individuals managed to infiltrate the parliament, releasing smoke inside, though thankfully unarmed. This incident raises critical questions about security protocols. Editor Sandeep Unnithan hosts a discussion with national security experts Mr. Yashovardhan Jha Azad, Major General VK Datta, and deputy managing editor News9 Live, Kartikeya Sharma.