The Neta Dons: Criminalising Politics in India

2024 • 38min • News • Politics


Published On: April 02, 2024 - Indian politics is marred by the pervasive influence of criminal elements, known as the Bahubalis or strongmen. Join us on The News9 Plus Show as we delve into the alarming rise of politicians with pending criminal cases, from 25% MPs in 2004 to a staggering 43% in 2019, according to Jagdeep Chokkar, Founder member of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR). A recent ADR 2023 study reveals that 44% of MLAs across State Assemblies in India have criminal charges, with 28% facing serious allegations like murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, and crimes against women. Why has the criminalisation of politics become an epidemic? From notorious figures like Mukhtar Ansari, Brijesh Singh, Shahabuddin to Pappu Yadav, these 'Neta Dons' have transitioned from wielding bullets to seeking ballots for legitimacy. The nexus between crime and politics cuts across party lines, with political patronage fuelling the rise of these mafia-linked politicians. Join News9 Plus Editor Sandeep Unnithan and colleague Ashok Bagariya as they discuss with Author & Senior Journalist Arun Anand and Political Analyst Dr. Sanjay Kumar why criminals have become indispensable in India's political arena. Stay informed on the complexities and consequences of the criminalisation of politics on the News9 Plus Show.