The Return of Ram in Indian Diplomacy

2024 • 37min • News • National


Published On: April 18, 2024 - In its manifesto, the BJP said it will hold Ramayana Utsavs across the world to document and promote the tangible and intangible legacy of Lord Ram. The party proposes to elevate Lord Ram as a central icon of Indian diplomacy, paving the way for its core Hindutva ideology to be a part of India’s new diplomatic lexicon. Lord Ram and the Ayodhya Ram Mandir are symbols of Ram Rajya. It is also an ideal polity, the state of perfect justice; a state where justice is easily accessible to both prince and a pauper. Is Ram Rajya a religious political or secular concept? Can Lord Ram play a role in shaping the nation’s international engagements? Discussing the emergence of the concept in India’s diplomacy efforts are News9 Plus Editor Sandeep Unnithan along with author Ami Ganatra, Neena Rai, Amb. Gauri Shankar Gupta and colleagues, Cluster Head Rakesh Khar.