The Truth About Non-Stick Pans: Are They Harmful? ICMR Weighs in

2024 • 3min • News • Business


Published On: May 21, 2024 - You want to make some omelettes, you got to break some eggs! But make sure you don’t break them in your non-stick pan! Don’t take my word for it. The Indian Council of Medical Research or ICMR, has just put out a warning about improper use of non-stick pans in its latest 'Dietary Guidelines for Indians.' The ICMR suggests switching to more eco-friendly options like earthen pots and coating-free granite stone utensils. Why? Well, recent studies reveal some pretty alarming health risks linked to non-stick cookware, including hormonal imbalances and even cancer. Watch News9's Shweta Kothari break down the cons of using non-stick pans and what alternatives can be used for safe cooking.