Truth, Lies &Trudeau: Canada's Double Standards on Terrorism

2024 • 39min • News • International


Published On: June 20, 2024 - In a shocking display of double standards, Canada's House of Commons observed a 'moment of silence' to mark the first anniversary of the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a member of the banned Sikhs for Justice and the Khalistan Tiger Force. This move has raised questions about Canada's stance on terrorism and its willingness to condone violent ideologies. Join us as we delve into the complexities of this issue and explore the implications of Canada's actions. Our guests include Sanjay Lazar, who lost his parents and sister in the Kanishka bombing, and former Ambassador to the US, Mira Shankar. We will also be joined by our in-studio colleague, Deepak Bhadana. Tune in as we discuss the Canadian government's decision to commemorate a terrorist and the impact it has on India's fight against terrorism. We will also examine the historical context of the Kanishka bombing and its significance in Canadian history.