TV9 Network - Red Hat ICONIC Awards: News9

2023 • 1hr 56min • Lifestyle

Informative • Feel-good

As India puts behind the woes triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic and charts a robust recovery path, the travel and tourism sector is buzzing with ''revenge travel''. Against this backdrop when the sector is voyaging into new frontiers, TV9 Network and Redhat Communications have joined hands to bring the best and the brightest from these sectors under one roof. A robust platform for India's Iconic Leaders of Travel, Tourism and Luxury, the day-long event in ITC Maurya Hotel in New Delhi on March 23 builds a sustainable roadmap for the sector. The event started with Travel and Tourism Summit in the day part, the day-long affair culminated in a scintillating awards night, the fifth edition of the prestigious ICONIC 2023. TV9 Network's Iconic Leaders' Summit and Awards hosted more than 150 influencers from the sector.