UK Election: Labour Headed For Landslide Victory?

2024 • 8min • News • International


Published On: July 03, 2024 - With polling just a day away, major UK pollsters are projecting a 'landslide victory' for the Labour Party and its leader, Sir Keir Starmer. According to the latest projections, Labour is expected to secure 99% more seats than in 1997, when Tony Blair's landslide victory ended 18 years of Conservative rule. Blair became the youngest Prime Minister of the 20th century, leading until 2007. Polls by Survation indicate Labour could win around 484 of 650 seats, marking their return to power after 14 years. This victory would not only surpass Blair’s 1997 win of 418 seats but also exceed the Conservative Party's 1931 record under Stanley Baldwin.