US Aircraft Carriers: Supercarrier Gambit

2023 • 3min • News • International


The US boasts 11 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, each with unlimited endurance, displacing over 90,000 tonnes and carrying a formidable mix of 90 aircraft-jet fighters, bombers, helicopters, and reconnaissance planes. Deployed strategically in areas of geopolitical tension, these supercarriers act as a barometer for global affairs, signaling support to allies and deterring adversaries. With active combat theaters in Europe (Russia-Ukraine War) and the Middle East (Israel-Hamas conflict, Iran's proxy activities), the US has deployed four carrier battle groups in the Asia-Pacific, including the Gerald Ford in the Mediterranean, Dwight Eisenhower in the Arabian Sea, and Ronald Reagan and Carl Vinson in the Pacific. News9 Plus Decodes the mighty capacity and geo-politcial relevance of these Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers.