Khalistan: Reborn?

EP5 : Britain's Divide and Rule

2024 • 10min • 1 Season • National • Politics


British colonial tactics dating back to 1800s and early 1900s, which aimed to split Hindus and Sikhs, are the origins of Khalistan. A large numbers of Sikhs were enlisted in the British army to fight Hindu monarchs who were revolting against the British Raj. Tensions between the central Indian government and the state of Punjab later erupted following Indian independence in 1947, which in turn gave rise to discontent within the Sikh community against the Indian government.

Season 1

1. A History of Violence
Episode 1 | 12min
2. The Canada Connection
Episode 2 | 14min
3. Running For Cover
Episode 3 | 10min
4. Truth, Lies & Trudeau
Episode 4 | 17min
5. Britain's Divide and Rule
Episode 5 | 10min