India's Moon Shot

EP2 : Chandrayaan Reloaded

2023 • 7min • 1 Season • Science

Feel-good • Inspiring • Adventurous • Patriotic • Exciting • Informative

India is one of the few nations exploring space and the Chandrayaan programme is one of its crown jewels. ISRO's third mission to the moon is one of the toughest as it tries to be the first to land near the South pole of the lunar surface. The expedition into the unknown is arduous but the rewards are sky high. This documentary throws light on India's moon mission that could provide clues to the building blocks of the solar system, which has important geopolitical dimensions.

Season 1

1. Chandrayaan: The Quest Begins
Episode 1 | 10min
2. Chandrayaan Reloaded
Episode 2 | 7min