The Dark Side of AI

EP4 : Deepfakes: Tarring the Stars

2023 • 11M • 1 Season • Technology

Political • Informative • Exciting

From photoshop to Generative AI, digitally manipulated images have a come a long way that now you cannot believe your eyes or ears. Celebrities have been caught off-guard and there is no immediate respite in sight. Regulations are being formed but a far cry from preventing misuse of Artificial Intelligence.

Season 1

1. The Dark Side of the Boon
Episode 1 | 12min
2. Deepfakes are More Real than Ever
Episode 2 | 11min
3. Why India Needs a Policy Framework to Curb AI Misuse
Episode 3 | 11min
4. Deepfakes: Tarring the Stars
Episode 4 | 11min
5. Deepfake Polls
Episode 5 | 7min