Lounge Knights

EP1 : Grand Hyatt: Sumptuous Soirees

2024 • 9min • 1 Season • Entertainment • Lifestyle

Informative • Feel-good

Discover the three renowned restaurants at the Grand Hyatt - Cena Pranzo, Maison Maiya, and Bar Musui. This video takes you on a culinary journey through the distinct dining and nightlife experiences offered by these establishments. From authentic cuisine to lively atmospheres, each venue provides a unique gastronomic and entertainment destination. Whether you're craving a delectable meal or seeking a vibrant social setting, the Grand Hyatt has something to satisfy every palate and mood. Explore the diverse offerings and find your perfect culinary and entertainment oasis.

Season 1

1. Grand Hyatt: Sumptuous Soirees
Episode 1 | 9min
2. Roseate House: Savour & Sip
Episode 2 | 8min
3. Radisson Blu Dwarka: Gourmet Gateways
Episode 3 | 8min
4. Marbia: Hellanic Hideaway
Episode 4 | 8min