Duologue with Barun Das featuring Sudha Murty & Nr Narayana Murthy

EP1 : India's World

2023 • 25M • 1 Season • National

Exciting • Informative

India's rise as a global bright spot in a world marred by economic turmoil comes at a time when India also holds the G20 presidency. Barun Das engages Sudha Murty and NR Narayana Murthy on how to channelise the youth in contributing to nation-building. Their unique approaches serve as easy-to-adopt mantras for all generations of leadership.

Season 1

1. India's World
Episode 1 | 25min
2. Man, Woman, and Infosys
Episode 2 | 25min
3. The Startup Dilemma
Episode 3 | 14min