Game of the Lions

EP3 : It’s War Time!

2024 • 14M • 1 Season • Sports

Feel-good • Heartfelt • Inspiring

Despite facing consecutive defeats in the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), Punjab De Sher refuses to let despair overcome their spirit. With their last chance to salvage pride, they enter the battlefield of Mohali against Bengal Tigers, displaying promising performance but ultimately falling short. Although out of the league, their determination remains unwavering as they face Mumbai Heroes in a friendly match. The loss stings, marking their fourth defeat in the tournament. Yet, Punjab De Sher stand tall, refusing to surrender to despondency. With resilience and dignity, they confront the harsh reality of defeat, embodying the true spirit of sportsmanship. As the league concludes, their story persists, echoing the enduring strength and perseverance of Punjab De Sher as the team promises to bounce back in the next league.

Season 1

1. Roar of the Lions
Episode 1 | 12min
2. Quest for Victory
Episode 2 | 14min
3. It’s War Time!
Episode 3 | 14min