This is Me

EP3 : Legacy, Atrocity and Acceptance

2024 • 29M • 1 Season • Lifestyle • International

Emotional • Mental Health • Sexual Content

Episode 3 delves into the Bullying and Lack of Family Support faced by the LGBTQI+ Community in schools, with a further expansion into a global perspective, highlighting both progress and struggles of the community worldwide. Major issues such as discrimination in restroom access are discussed, alongside the stereotyping of Trans Individuals and the Hijra Community, exploring the historical, social, and religious aspects while dispelling myths. Episode 3 closely analyses the impact of British Colonialism on LGBTQI+ communities, with a concluding note acknowledging that though times are evolving, there is still a considerable journey ahead for LGBTQI+ Acceptance and Equality.

Season 1

1. Who am I?
Episode 1 | 31min
2. On Gender and Sexuality
Episode 2 | 30min
3. Legacy, Atrocity and Acceptance
Episode 3 | 29min
4. Pride and Predicament
Episode 4 | 29min
5. The Triumph
Episode 5 | 28min