Duologue with Barun Das featuring Sudha Murty & Nr Narayana Murthy

EP2 : Man, Woman, and Infosys

2023 • 25M • 1 Season • National

Exciting • Informative

An angel investor or a good wife? Sudha Murty's contribution in building Infosys is as significant, if not more, as Narayana Murthy's. But Barun Das believes she held the power to change the face of corporate India by being a torchbearer for women to occupy leadership roles. Will he convince her or get convinced? Find out in this enthralling exchange of ideas and philosophies.

Season 1

1. India's World
Episode 1 | 25min
2. Man, Woman, and Infosys
Episode 2 | 25min
3. The Startup Dilemma
Episode 3 | 14min