This is Me

EP2 : On Gender and Sexuality

2024 • 30min • 1 Season • Lifestyle • International

Emotional • Mental Health • Sexual Content

In Episode 2, Various Sexual Orientations beyond those of homosexuality and heterosexuality are explored, alongside the idea of how individuals can change their Gender Identity multiple times. A central theme is Gender Dysphoria, featuring personal experiences and expert perspectives on its Psychological Effects. Simultaneously, Gender Realignment Surgery is discussed in detail - its purpose, procedures, legal requirements, potential side effects and the significance it holds for LGBTQI+ individuals, with a note on the postsurgery challenges of ridicule and ostracization faced by those who undergo the surgery.

Season 1

1. Who am I?
Episode 1 | 31min
2. On Gender and Sexuality
Episode 2 | 30min
3. Legacy, Atrocity and Acceptance
Episode 3 | 29min
4. Pride and Predicament
Episode 4 | 29min
5. The Triumph
Episode 5 | 28min