Game of the Lions

EP2 : Quest for Victory

2024 • 14M • 1 Season • Sports

Feel-good • Heartfelt • Inspiring

In the exciting world of celebrity cricket, the spotlight shines brightly on Team Punjab de Sher as they embark on their journey in the league. The first match is against Chennai Rhinos at the iconic Sharjah stadium. Amid cheering fans and nail-biting moments, Punjab de Sher showcases their prowess on the pitch. However, despite their valiant efforts, victory slips through their fingers. Undeterred by the setback, the Sher warriors regroup and channel their determination for their next encounter against the formidable Telugu Warriors in the heart of Hyderabad. With anticipation mounting, the match unfolds into an intense battle of wills, each delivery and stroke echoing the fervour of the fans.

Season 1

1. Roar of the Lions
Episode 1 | 12min
2. Quest for Victory
Episode 2 | 14min
3. It’s War Time!
Episode 3 | 14min