Lounge Knights

EP2 : Roseate House: Savour & Sip

2024 • 8M • 1 Season • Entertainment • Lifestyle

Informative • Feel-good

Roseate House is a premier hospitality destination offering an unparalleled dining experience. The property features two acclaimed restaurants - Kheer and DEL - as well as the unique Chidyaghar bar, all of which are run entirely by women. Discover exceptional cuisine, innovative cocktails, and a vibrant nightlife at this one-of-a-kind establishment. Whether you're craving exquisite Indian fare, creative mixology, or a lively atmosphere, Roseate House has something exceptional to offer. Explore this unique culinary and hospitality experience that showcases the talent and expertise of its all-female team.

Season 1

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2. Roseate House: Savour & Sip
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