The Entrepreneur – Level Next

EP3 : The Challenger: Blu Smart

2024 • 9M • 1 Season • Business


BluSmart, an electric cab fleet established mere months before the onset of the lockdown, ingeniously navigated through turbulent times by retaining its workforce despite experiencing a severe downturn in business due to the lack of cab hires. Now, this startup has swiftly risen as a prominent contender in the industry, showcasing remarkable resilience and adaptability in adversity's

Season 1

1. The Leveller: Pocket FM
Episode 1 | 11min
2. The Moonwalker: Skyroot Aerospace
Episode 2 | 11min
3. The Challenger: Blu Smart
Episode 3 | 9min
4. The Innovator: No Broker
Episode 4 | 10min